Video Department: Professional video content and video ads


We are able to offer professional video shooting services and video content and ads creation. We’re making video ads especially for online purposes and, because we are skilled in online marketing, we export your videos in a lot of formats for social media or video ads.



Social Media is a large area where we want to create! Because of the rapid development of social networks and social marketing, all the content we create must be made as a social media content for different platforms. So… we know formats, like Facebook video/photo, Instagram video/photo, Insta Stories, Instagram TV, YouTube Video or YouTube Stories, having always in mind a good online advertising strategy.


Our team with experience, which one is extended with our partners from miscellaneous sectors, is using the latest generation equipment regarding cameras, drones, 360 cameras, live streaming equipments and another equipments for professional editing.



360 video department


“Wow! I want more!” effect is here! With 360 technology we’re ready to surprise anybody! We offer 360 video services in order to create creative, special content.


               Facebook and YouTube love 360 content, being appreciated by both users and search engines, so it is one of the most efficient online promoting method.



360 is able to share with users great experiences, anybody being able to see a lot of perspectives from a simple image.. or video! That’s why you can tell your story in an amazing, creative and without precedent way, but also it’s a really challenging process of filming and editing.


We’re also able to offer live stream 360 video services for users and they can see our live stream with their PC, mobile phone or virtual reality glasses – known as VR glasses.


One point about the glasses! You can shake your head and see the result real time with VR glasses! Yes, you can do this if you want a better experience with 360 technology!



Embed videos or photos, real estate virtual tour, 360 video ads, you name it! We will help you create an immersive experience for a successful online marketing.


Check out one of our examples here!