Start with the basics of content creation

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So, you have a web page and a Facebook page? You use Google ads to show search ads. It’s good, but it’s not enough in 2019.


Today Facebook seems to be only a tool to communicate with clients. It’s like a chat platform where clients can write and ask questions or give reviews.


The organic reach on Facebook (posts you don’s pay for) has a very small reach. The good times of organic reach on Facebook are gone. We might try on Instagram or other platforms.


Today because of the large volume of content, we have to pay to Facebook in order for a brand message to be seen by a large audience. This is good, but there is another side to the coin: quality content. If the content is good, it will have a higher chance of getting a higher reach or spark communication and build a community. 


Do you have a content strategy?


If not, it’s time to start an excel document, add the weekdays and start thinking about how you can be useful to your followers.


Start brainstorming and then bounce ideas with colleagues, friends and your target audience.


Find out what they want to read, or watch, what interests them, how can your brand add value to their life, how does the product help them?


Use Instagram and Instagram stories with YouTube and other social networks. Find what works best for your brand and audience and create content daily.


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