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At NEW MEDIA, we are passionate about technology. We use technology to create content for our clients and show new perspectives of the products, venues, and stories. Always up to new stuff, we try either placing a camera in new places to catch that incredible shot or doing some DIY to modify technology to show stuff that’s not yet done, we always strive to do better and also have fun while doing it.


Drones help us to show the largest picture, to create virtual tours from above, to show incredible images of places where not many people can go.


One CSR project we did, was to film the park in Bucharest in 360 and then show the video with the help of VR glasses to my grandma that cannot go too far.


A 360 camera films everything and we can put this technology to work in multiple applications like showing real estate VR tours. A house is easier to show in a VR tour than in pictures. You can see a house in or an apartment in a VR tour just like Google Streetview and save you the time and money (also save the planet of some CO2) to drive to the site and see it yourself.


In VR it’s hard to hide anything. You just see everything.


This is an example of one of our projects we did with Universum for their real estate show. More information on their website Imobiliarium.ro


Example VR Tour



The VR viewer can go from room to room and see the area from above. Check the neighborhood and get a first idea of the quality. If you really like it, just go and visit the area. If not, well, we just saved you of some hours.

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